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A Story

I was sitting here in this restaurant at Guayaquil, Ecuador, thinking abut the horrible food I had for lunch (because in this country practically EVERY single dish or sauce, or almost EVERYTHING salted that one can taste has that cursed little green herb in it!). I thought: I'm I the only guy that HATES cilantro so much? To my relief and mental comfort, after a few queries in Google, I found you, cilantro haters! So there goes my story:
I'm from Brazil, and started to go to Ecuador for business as of 1995, at 39 years of age. At first, I did not notice the insidious presence of that infernal green substance in the food I ate. But as I started to go to that country with more frequency, and staying here for longer periods of time, my "cilantro meter" got saturated and my built-in anti-cilantro defense system went to red alert mode, so I started to repute cilantro as THE most abominable season herb in this whole universe! Although not specifically mentioned in the biblical text, I'm pretty much convinced that cilantro is part f the divine curse onto nature as a result Adam's fall into sin... Haha! I HATE cilantro too!!!