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A Story

i first really and truly realized i hated cilantro on me and my boyfriend's year anniversary. we were eating at bennigans that day, my choice. i got the fish and chips, and a side of rice. the rice had this green leafy stuff in it and i didn't think anything of it, until i tasted it. the leafy stuff juiced it's way into my rice, ruining it.. ruining my whole meal.. because the chef thought it would be a REALLY GREAT idea to sprinkle the crap on my fish too. why would cilantro be good on fried fish? why would it be a good idea to cover the whole meal in this crap? ugh.

i remember eating out with my grandparents a month ago, and the service was bad and slow.. i specifically asked for the cilantro to be taken off my dish, but they brought it out 30 minutes later with the stuff alll over it. totally ruined my life right there. another thing that's hard to get away from.. is salsa with cilantro in it.

luckily, i don't think chili's salsa has any, but on the borders does. stay away from that place.