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A Story

When I was around 10, my mom (who loved to try new things) made a dish that was just revolting. She called me down for dinner, and I could smell something weird from halfway down the hall. It smelled like the hot soapy mist when you first open the dishwasher. I actually thought someone just did the dishes, and I couldn't figure out why the smell was so strong that day. I sat down to eat, and I was just sick to my stomach by the smell. I was angry at my mom, I thought she did something weird to the dishes, put them through the wrong cycle or something, and they were still dirty. I got a new plate out and dumped all my food onto it, and the smell just wouldn't leave me. I tasted the food, and it was just repulsive. I thought all of the dishes were contaminated, and I didn't eat dinner that night.

YEARS later, I was sitting in a resturaunt, and I smelled that crazy dishwasher smell again. I was certain we were sitting too close to the kitchen in the resturaunt, and everything just reeked of dishwashing fluid. I had a difficult time choking back my food.

Finally, (this year actually) I went to Chipotle's at the mall and ordered a taco with the medium sauce. Guess what the sauce contains??? CILANTRO! I couldn't believe it! My taco's were contaminated by dishwasher fluid again somehow! I told my boyfriend about it, he took a bite of my taco, and said "it tastes fine to me!" I couldn't understand. I eventually found a thread on reddit explaining the evilness of cilantro, finally a real answer! It had nothing to do with the dishwasher, the food itself was contaminated!