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A Story

I was walking to Walmart when I saw a huge cilantro sale. I got excited because my boyfriend wanted cilantro for his Girl Scout troup. I grabbed half of the cilantro there. That's when it happened. A bird flew down! I ran after it yelling Egyptian curses at the terrible bird. The bird flew to a volcano. It began dancing and mumbling something. That's when I relized it was trying to resurrect Michael Jackson! I ran up and threw my cilantro in and grabbed all the Girl Scouts. I whipped them and forced them to dance and mumble with the bird. Suddenly Justin beiber appeared and began twerking with Miley. We all began crying and shot cannons at the twerkers. They fell into the volcano and died. That's when I realized that they weren't dead! Those were clones. I now hate cilantro. Please make it go away.