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A Story

The nightmare began about 12 years ago when my husband and I were out for a rare dinner date at a popular local Mexican restaurant. I ordered one of the featured new dishes on the menu. I was excited to try it as it had many of the ingredients I like; mild cheese, refried beans, carnitas and rice.

When my meal arrived I was pleased with the presentation- fresh "parsley" adding dome color to an otherwise bland looking dish.

Then I smelled it.

First I accused my husband of forgetting to brush his teeth. Then I began to pick apart the food with my utensils, sniffing each ingredient to try to find the slug that surely must have been cooked into one of the layers.

No slug. Just an evil parsley-like substance that i knew even then should be outlawed because of the damage it must have been doing to parsley's otherwise spotless reputation.

Cilantro must be eradicated. I do not trust any plant that smells like feet when dried and crushed.