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A Story

It took me a while to come to grips with my distaste for cilantro. I am envious of folks who share stories of instantly "hating" cilantro upon first taste, for me it was a painfully slow drawn out process, (which I partially blame on the sneaky unlisted nature of cilantro's presence in many dishes). I first discovered something was up with this monstrosity of a green when I mentioned having cilantro lime rice at Chipotle once to a family member, and that family member said "hmm, not a cilantro fan- tastes like soap". I agreed whole heartedly, but fell prey to drunken visits to Chipotle that continued to involve the wretched stuff. It wasn't until tonight when I made a cilantro lime hummus that I realized- I'm sick of this cilantro charade, the stuff sucks. Why did I make such an atrocious concoction you may ask? I have no explanation, but as a way of coping with the shame I've come here for my confession and penance. Tonight starts a new life, an honest life, a life where I am openly out against cilantro.