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A Story

My first encounter with cilantro was in China. I had never tasted it before and was certain it was a spice that only existed in Asia. The smell of it was horrible and the taste made me want to vomit. I was sure I would never encounter it again, since I had lived 19 years in Sweden and not tasted it once before i went to China.
A couple of years passed and I lived on, blissfully unaware that cilantro existed in my own country as well. When my boyfriend took me to his place for dinner, and his mother had cooked a special persian dish, the taste left me horror-struck. The vile spice existed here as well, in my own neighbourhood! Now every time I go there for dinner I have to make sure his mom remembers I'm "allergic" to cilantro, because I cannot imagine anything more embarassing than vomiting profusely on the dinner table in front of her.