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A Story

%he day after my graduation my family (extended family too) decided to eat at Chuy's. I hate this place with a passion. I would have refused to go if it weren't for my uncle's family being there (he intimidates me. After examining the menu I order something I've never had, tortilla soup. The first spoonful was delightful, I wished I had tried this sooner. The next bite was tainted with the most crude taste ever, cilantro. I ate about a 1/3 of the soup until it became unbearable. I managed to avoid all of the cilantro but now every spoonful was 90% cilantro. As mentioned before the night before was graduation and my best friend had gotten the stomach flu. Well, I got the stomach flu hours later. I know it wasn't the cilantro but whenever I eat cilantro now or even smell it, I'm on the verge of throwing up...