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A Story

Growing up in So Cal in the 1960's, I never encountered cilantro. Avocado was then, and still is one of my favorite foods. I must have eaten my weight in guacamole yearly. I moved to Illinois in 1971 and didn't taste the vile plant til the early 80's during a trip to Denver. Sent my food back because I thought the plate hadn't been rinsed. The replacement tasted just as foul. So my sister tried my food and declared it delicious. I still didn't know what tasted so bad. My dinner that night was chips

I moved back to California in 1989, and that's when I learned I HATE CILANTRO!!! I was at a restaurant that offered southwestern egg rolls. Being that they were filled with avocado, I had to have them. My mouth watering in anticipation as they arrived at the table, I grabbed one and took a big bite. I spat it out immediately as horrific memories of that night in Denver washed over me. I asked the server what was in them that tasted like soapy smelly shoes. She nonchalantly replied that some people hate cilantro.

I am ever viligant against the presence of the noxious weed. Every single time I buy parsley, I smell it first, just in case. There is a nice Vietnamese restaurant nearby that will omit cilantro from their noodle salads and ban mi sandwiches. I usually get a quesadilla or chile rellenos at Mexican restaurants. Interestingly, I can tolerate a bit in cooked salsas if they're spicy enough. In my family the only other person with a similar aversion is my niece. Oh, and her husband hates it too.

I get it if you love cilantro. You may have it all! Every last stinking leaf!