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A Story

A new restaurant opened in our city. After about 6 months of hearing mixed reviews my wife and I decided to try it. I love the heat, so decided on ordering a plate of nachos and a side of suicide flavored chicken wings. The anticipation was overwhelming. After a bit of a long wait, our dishes arrived. The heat from the wings singed my nostrils! Couldn't wait to dig in. I let them cool a bit for fear or the actual cooking temperature burning my mouth. This just served to build the anticipation to an even more intense level.
Finally! The perfect Friday night scenario, nice atmosphere, beautiful wife across the table from me, my favorite team is playing AND winning on the flat-screen over the bar, my favorite beer, ice cold and frosty, nachos and really hot wings! I bit into the wings, chewed a few times, the heat was not as intense as I had imagined. I swallowed and placed the remainder or the back where it had been on the plate. A strange, offensive, vile taste in my mouth. I was overwhelmed with disappointment.
I examined the wings and saw these green flecks throughout the coating... what could it be? My mind immediately pinpointed it... the dreaded Cilantro. Who in the right mind puts Cilantro in chicken wing sauce? I make my our sauce at home. A little typical cayenne, tomato, a touch of molasses, garlic, onion, brown sugar, oregano, basil. Salt pepper, thinned with vinegar. No Cilantro... I've eaten chicken wing in a lot of restaurants in a lot of restaurants, diners, pubs and roadhouses in a lot of cities and towns in Canada and the US, even in the UK. They never, ever had Cilantro in them.
The Barley Mow... Stop putting Cilantro into chicken wing sauce! Or at minimum, put a note on the menu
This as a fact... there is a random percentage of the population that Hate Cilantro. Another random percentage Love Cilantro. My son loves it, I am completely offended by it.
Ok, enough with the wings.
I'm gonna get into the Natchos! Not really enough cheese on them but, what the heck. I put a healthy amount of salsa on one... big crunchy bite.......f@*&.. Laced with Cilantro!!
Good god help me because... I really hate Cilantro!