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A Story

I`m from southeast of Brazil. I lived in Northeast for 7 years. Maybe I ate cilantro before, but I didn`t know it.
In 2004, my firsts days in the city of Natal, a friend of mine, a homie, made a vegetables pie. I was a student and didn`t have much money so I was crazy for it and starving. When I did the first bite I felt something strange and I asked him:
"What the hell did you put in here? It`s terrible!"
And then he told me he went to the market and didn`t find a herb, called Salsa, that we use a lot in foods in our region. And he put cilantro, because he didn`t know it well and the appearance is very much similar to Salsa.
After the first bite I could`t eat the pie anymore, neither my friend.
Since that day my fight with cilantro never ended and until today it`s my biggest, or better, my only enemy.

And the worst is that in Northeas of Brazil they put cilantro in practically every food. It was good because I improved my cooking. But every time I went to eat out of house I had the same problem. Even in the pizza they put one time.

I developed a technique so people don`t put cilantro in the food. I just say I`m allergic to it and if I eat, my throat closes and I have to go to the hospital.
Today, every time someone is cooking a recipe with cilantro, they make my share without it. I MADE IT.

I love mexican food, without cilantro. I love the peruvian food without cilantro.
And everything else without it.