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A Story

I first had cilantro at a restaurant chain called "Islands" in So. California circa 1990. I ordered the tuna tacos, took one bite and immediately asked the waiter to tell me what the small green leafs were and why they tasted so awful. His eyes misted over as he said, "it's cilantro, isn't it great?". I immediately asked him to take it back as I reiterated that I thought it tasted awful. It turned out that cilantro was the "it" seasoning of the 90's and it hasn't gone away. There is a NY Times article about cilantro and why some people hate it. You know, there isn't such an article about, say, oregano, know what I mean?

It's awful and my three daughters also hate it. My husband loves it, so we agree to disagree.

It tastes like a mixture of blood and metal to me. There is nothing redeeming about it.