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A Story

When I was in high school, my first job was at a Local Pizza Place. This said Local Pizza Place offered a "Southwest Chicken Pizza". On this pizza of southwested-ness, is none other than cilantro. First of all, if I were creating this pizza, I would shoot for garlic before something green like cilantro... I mean think of it-- the pizza is made with bbq sauce instead of marinara, monterrey jack, red onions, and a chicken cooked similar to fajitas. Cilantro just takes away from the flavor. Anyway-- back to me... something about cutting fresh cilantro 10-20 times each day I worked and smelling like it indefinately between work days, made me want to rip my hair out and denounce cilantro as a "tasty" herb-- after working there for over a year, I could no longer call the herb an edible part of the pizza, in fact, I would sneak it out without the cilantro-- just because I could not stomach ANYONE eating the vile green stuff.