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A Story

As an avid consumer of varying food products, I would love to be able to say that I will eat anything. I cannot however, in good conscience, say this because of one foul demon food accessory which has somehow managed to worm it's way into the foods that I hold most dear. My first eve with the vomit inducing leaf was one a few years ago, at a little place I like to call chipotle. Ah, chipotle. How your sweet nectar is ever tainted by the venomous juices of cooked cilantro. Oh how I wish it weren't so. I, unfortunately, became compliant, bending to the will of the satanic master we all, in our modern day vernacular, refer to as cilantro. I would endure the misery of the taste of what I can only assume to be akin to pesticide as the herb became ore pervasive, pervasive like an apex predator, overtaking the tastes of other, more natural and aromatic flavors. But it was not until this fateful day, April 2nd, 2014 that I say ENOUGH! I bought what seemed to be an innocent salad at our on campus convenience store, but when I took my first anticipation ridden bite, I was shocked, appalled, and horrified to discover that the nasty likes of cilantro had invaded yet another food option. The salad became repulsive and rancid to me, and I will never again consume cilantro.