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A Story

Well, I love Vietnamese buns. So one time, I ordered a really good one that my friends recommended. At first, the few delicious bites I got were heavenly. Then, I hit hell's flames. I opened the bun... And to my horror, I saw cilantro, my one true weakness. I was like, "F U Cilantro! You ruined my freakin' bun!!!11" And from that day on, I have learned to take out the cilantro from the bun.

My worst mishap was in a Chinese roll. I remember that my mom ordered one, and it had meat in it, so I was like, "Yes!!1". Then I bit into one. And literally screamed for my life. In every corner of the roll, there were, huge, fat, freakin' douchebag pieces of Cilantro!

I tell everyone I hate cilantro, give them reasons to, and tell them if they don't hate cilantro, they're aliens from the planet of things that should not be food. :)