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A Story

I first encountered cilantro in a Vietnamese style wrap while out for lunch with a friend. I was about thirteen, and could not understand what the horrible taste was or why I couldnt get it to go away. When I paid for my meal after hardly touching it, and the server said "You should have mentioned that you dont like cilantro." I had never even heard of cilantro before this point.

Flash forward a few years, until I am eighteen and eating at Lone Star with some friends. I ordered chicken fingers and fries that came with a side of coleslaw.

Everything was great until I tasted the coleslaw.

Somehow, despite only encountering it once five years before, I knew what was wrong. "Cilantro!" I shouted to my friends. "I hate cilantro!". I was overcome with rage, and swore never to return to Lone Star (I haven't). How dare they hide such a foul thing in an innocent meal like chicken fingers.

When I taste cilantro, I am angry for a minimum of three days. Whenever people mention cilantro, I am sure to let them know how horrible it is, and that they are defective for liking it.

I always felt very alone in this, so I am pleased to have been shown this website.

Fuck cilantro.