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A Story

I HATE CILANTRO!! My stomach cannot digest it sometimes. The smell and taste is not good to me but it doesn't make me feel nauseous. It has made me really sick. Two times I ate at a Vietnamese restaurant with one of my friends who liked the food. The food I ordered (Not cilantro based) came out with the green crap all over it. I just ate the food and thought nothing of it. As soon as I got back from lunch I was in the bathroom. I couldn't get the strength to get up. I was literally sitting on the floor, I looked pale, had no energy and couldn't stop going to the bathroom (#3). I thought maybe I caught a stomach bug from someone else, until I ate there the second time and had the same exact experience. I couldn't even drive myself home from work!! It was like Selmonella food poisoning. It doesn't happen every time I eat it. I think its just when it's really fresh and too much is used on food. I get super sick to my stomach. Now I can't escape it. It's in everything. Not cool. Not cool.