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A Story

i hate cilantro more than anyone, period. And coriander, crushed cilanto seeds, has haunted me for years.

I travel to asia two to three times per year. I go where most folks don't travel. Needless to say, cilantro(coriander in most of the world), is everywhere. It has taken me three years and numerous conversations with asian business partners to pinpoint this loathesome spice.

I have known that i hated cilantro since first eating it in a domestic salad years ago, but saying i hate cilantro till blueing in the face never got me anywhere in asia. The bitter flavor assulted me from every dish at every meal.

I would find myself, in vain, trying to seperate out every piece of green from an entire meal of noodles and vegetables. I would go so far as to order my noodles with nothing, no anything, execpt noodles. Much to my dismay, my meal would still have the flavor of coriander from the crushed seeds.

During my last visit, hussien and i were talking of the spice i detest. He was certain that it must be coriander, i was certain it was cilantro. we were both right and know thanks to the wonderful internet, i know that i hate them both.

I am finally armed with the knowledge to tell my hosts that cilatro, coriander, is not welcome on my plate.

Go to hell coriander and take your leaf cilantro with you.

I feel free from the grip of the taste i hate most.

david b. culpepper