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Wait! Is it Coriander or Cilantro?
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A Story

Hah, you crybabies.

"I didn't like an ingredient in my meal, so I made the restaurant take it back and joined a support group for people who don't like the ingredient either."

What are you all, three years old?

"I went to the shop and there was no sign next to the coriander, the manager told me it was parsley so I bought it and put it my chilli, and now I'm complaining to this ridiculous website because my chilli is ruined."

Who's the idiot here then? You hate this herb so much, yet you can't identify it by sight OR smell. You learned a lesson there, didn't you?

You all just wait until you try vegan cheese. Then you'll have something to moan about. Everything you eat for the rest of the day will taste just like puke. Cilantro will seem delicious.