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A Story

Cilantro sensitivity may be a tip off that you are Heavy Metal Poisoned. Trust Your Biology to respond appropriately to neuro-biochemical shifts.

I can't believe no one has posted this information on your board yet, so I will do so now...

Cilantro oil is used by MANY MANY advanced detox doctors to dislodge Mercury and other heavy metals from the brain, nerves, liver, and other fatty organs of the body, the organs on the other side of the blood brain barrier. However, after cilantro oil dislodges it, it does not REMOVE the heavy metal from the body, it just stirs it up. (Alpha lipoic acid does the same thing) Cilantro oil is sooo effective at doing this, that it can be quite dangerous to people with autism spectrum disorders (ADD/ADHD/aspergers, etc) MS, and most other auto immune diseases that are actually caused by buried heavy metal toxicity. These patients need "mop up" medicinals on board to collect up the uncovered metals because there is SO MUCH that comes out and will re-poison the body before it can get excreted.

My story: I was most definitely a "neural kid". Sensitivity to fluorescent lights, many other neural overload symptoms. My mother's womb was chock full of mercury as she had 20 mercury fillings forever. I was exposed from development. For at least the first 30 years, I was neural (i just thought that's how I was) and by the way, i also HATED cilantro. To me it was a vile weed. Absolutely tasted like strong soap to me. But right about this time, in my 30's, my Latino roommate made a new dish that involved beef, lots of balsamic vinegar, and a bushel of cilantro. She said , "I know you hate cilantro, but give this 5-star dish a try." The balsamic vinegar did something to counter the cilantro at my taste buds. And instead of puking it up, it tasted literally both medicinal and oddly addictive. I could not get enough of the stuff. I asked her to make it all the time. Within months, I had my first neural attack. peripheral neuropathy. Akin to MS. I was devastated with the diagnosis.

But now i was ADDICTED to cilantro! AFTER HATING IT FOR 30 YEARS! I also happen to be an experimental biologist. For the next 14 years, I documented my MS disease. Looking back at the long record, two years ago I realized that every one of my 9 MS attacks have happened within 2 weeks of ingesting LOTS of cilantro, either by accident, on purpose, by experiment, or by prescription from metal detox doctors, etc. I have lab data to prove that I was high in mercury and 6 other heavy metals. I (and fully 25% of the population in the US) lack the gene that rids the body of heavy metals.

Another heavy metal detox patient who wrote a book on the subject described the same mid life change where previously he hated cilantro and then craved bushels and bushels of it immediately followed by a whole body adrenal/endocrine and immune system collapse.

Cilantro's effect of "C haters" may indeed be a warning/evidence that the percentage of us who hate it (not everyone) actually LACK the gene that purges what cilantro oils (in the leaves) immediately UNCOVER from our sensory nerves. That is a comparison study I would like to see. The Apo4 gene is one that indicates that you can't detox metals.

How can cilantro oil pass from a hydrophilic (water/blood) environment to a hydrophobic (fatty/nerve) environment? Scientists don't know exactly. But What makes FAT soluble in water? SOAP !!!!! And cilantro tastes exactly like what to all of us? SOAP!!! coincidence? Even the cilantro lovers note a bitter, unusual taste. The global cultures that live with cilantro in normal diet daily, latin america and asiatic countries, their genetics typically do NOT have a genetic propensity for not detoxing metals. But anglos and eastern european people are known to have trouble with that gene. That is my origin. and That is the origin of the author patient above. As I said about my unaffected roommate, she was Latino. Her genes were from Central America and Spain.

if you have any propensity to neural disease or autoimmune disease (the immune system is a nerve based organ system) go to to learn about heavy metals, diagnosing it, and removing it from the body. That site is neutral, they dont sell anything.

If this story is "striking a nerve" with anyone, Post here to let me know ! :)