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A Story

I first tasted Cilantro when I ordered a bean and cheese burrito at El polo Loco in Hollywood California in 2004. After I tasted it I spit it out and asked the girl behind the counter why my burrito tasted so weird. She said because it had cilantro in it. I told her that I couldnt eat that crap and I wanted another one and she told me that the entire batch of burrito mix had cilantro in it so I ask for my money back. I believe that cilantro was a military bio hazard WEAPON OF MASS DISGUSTING. The formula for this planet killer is one part Dioxin, one part Asbestos, one part Resin and ine part Agent Orange. The experiment went horrbly wromg and cilantro escaped the lab and made its way into our food supply terrorizing us as we cowar afraid to approach the produce isle for fear cilantro will strong arm us into placimg it in our basket. Cilantros evil plan is to take over the world and enslave us all. WAKE UP AMERICA! Cilantro is queer and its here and its out to get us!. signed. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. p.s. We will never serve it at Scarborogh Fair.