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A Story

As far back as I can remember, Mexican food has always made me nauseous. Friends and family were so surprised that I do not like something they all consider just so delicious. My aversion to Mexican food got so bad that the mere smell of it turned my stomach. To me, it was just a personal idiosyncrasy that I did not like Mexican food,

One day, in a medical segment on the nightly news a doctor talked about how a small percentage of the population has a "genetic predisposition" that makes them adverse to cilantro. He also mentioned that cilantro is used extensively in Mexican cuisine and I thought to myself, "No love lost there because I don't like Mexican food." I still hadn't made any connection between my distaste for Mexican food and the cilantro that's in it.

Then he said something that set off the light bulbs in my mind. He said that to people who have the genetic marker against cilantro it tastes like soap. BINGO! BINGO! BINGO! Right then and there I realized that I hate Mexican food because it tastes like soap! I actually felt liberated from all the isolating feelings I have when people treat me like there is something wrong with me for not liking Mexican food. To me it tastes like soap and it makes me nauseous.

Sometimes, when I am at the produce department in the supermarket and I am looking for fresh herbs, I will catch a whiff of fresh cilantro and even then my stomach starts turning and I get that nauseous feeling.

But at least now I know why!