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A Story

In grade 11, I took a hospitality course, so I could learn a few cooking tips and tricks.
For my semester project, I had to make a spread from scratch. I decided to make guacamole, since I love guacamole. I used all the right ingredients and it was so incredible that my first batch got emptied out by my classmates who couldn't get enough of it. The teacher assistant tried it and told me that it was incredible, but it was missing cilantro. Since I was very new to cooking, I'd never heard of cilantro, so I decided that she probably knew best and I added some. Right after, I tried some and my world was shattered. I immediately thought that the cilantro had gone bad, or maybe it had some dressing on it that tasted horrible, so I tried a different patch. It was terrible. I had never tasted anything so awful in my entire life. It tasted like what I imagined a used garbage bag would taste like after a few years of being in a heated dumpster. Worst of all, it was already in my fresh batch of guacamole! I tried to take most of it out, but it was too late. It had been contaminated.
My classmates who had come to taste it all asked me if I added anything.. different to it.. and they did not mean a good different.
Alas it was too late. My project was next to be sampled and there was nothing I could do.
I got an 80% on the semester project, only because my teacher had tasted my first batch, and knew that it was originally very good. I will never forget my first and last experience with the dreaded cilantro. Never again. Never again.