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A Story

My first encounter with cilantro was at a very popular restaurant in northern CA where I had eaten before. I ordered a Chinese Chicken salad, which I'd had many times before and is one of my favorite salads. When I took the first bite I knew there was something awful in the salad that hadn't been there the other times. It was so pungent and strong, and had a horrible taste that it gagged me. I swallowed the first bite but couldn't eat any more. I felt sick to my stomach for almost three days, and every time I burped (sorry folks) all I could taste was cilantro (I had asked the server what it was). This was in the mid eighties (1984, 1985?). I had eaten out in restaurants on the average of twice a week (with family or co-workers), and I had never encountered this vile herb before. I never remember reading about it in magazines, or hearing about it on t.v. cooking shows, it just suddenly appeared on the dining scene. Now it's in everything, especially Mexican and Asian foods, which I love. We went to a new Mexican restaurant a few weeks ago that had rave reviews in the local paper. When I asked if there was cilantro in their enchiladas (I ALWAYS ask), the server said that it was virtually in everything they make. With that, my husband and I said we wouldn't be able to eat there and we left. I have friends that just love cilantro, and that's fine. Why can't they put it in just a couple of recipes, leave it as an option to sprinkle on top in other recipes, or better yet just leave it out completely!! I HATE cilantro!!!