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A Story

This anti-cilantro missive starts with an anecdote and ends with a question.

Disclaimer: I am an ally for the anti-cilantro movement, though I am not a member. We are all entitled to our own taste, and I support the community that is beset on all sides by something so prevalent which they find thoroughly revolting.

I know someone who used to run a catering business before switching careers. She hated cilantro, and said it tasted soapy and gross. As this was the first time I had encountered the anti-cilantro movement, I was confused but interested. Upon further inquiry into other spices, she also related that she was frustrated during her catering days because so many people wanted black pepper on everything. She also found black pepper to be soapy and gross. Meeting people who hate cilantro is not very common, as it's not only something that a minority of the population experiences, but it's also not something that comes up naturally in conversation. So far I have met two other people who hated cilantro, and I asked them the same thing I'm about to ask y'all:

Do you hate black pepper, too?