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A Story

I had always known "something" was wrong with certain foods I ate growing up. However, I thought I hated onions for quite a long time, so I always just chalked it up to that. During college I realized that onions were actually quite good and wonderfully versatile, which brings me to my first known encounter with the demon herb. My friend Madison wanted to cook for a bunch of us one night, with one of the dishes being a homemade fresco mango salsa and chips. As she was making the salsa I would steal bites of it because I was so hungry; it was delicious. She finishes the dish and brings it over to the table, so naturally I dive right in. The taste was so overwhelmingly bad that I couldn't contain or hold back the disgust, despite not wanting to offend my friend. After the smoke settled, she assured me that nothing has changed, "I mean all I do at the end is chop up and stir in some cilantro"... At that moment, everything made sense.