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A Story

I was in Vietnam and we were digging up what was a big crock that they thought might have weapons underneath. The crock had moldy fish heads and bones in water and cilantro thrown in ... I was told this is the way they made their fish oil there. Upon lifting this crap out of the ground someone slipped and the liquid in it splashed up and drenched the four of us... it smelled something fierce of Cilantro and I had to wear this stench for 5 days before I was able to shower.

A couple of years after I returned home from Vietnam I went out to eat with a few friends. We got our soups and when I took my first sip of the soup I could taste and smell the Cilantro ... I immediately threw up... I refuse to go to a restaurant that uses Cilantro in any way in their foods. I hate the smell and taste with a passion. I've gone so far as to ask when making reservations if they use Cilantro in anything on the menu and if they do refuse to go to that place....

It tastes terrible and it brings back bad memories.