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A Story

My first experience with cilantro was in my early adulthood in some mexican dish. Took me a bit to figure out what it was that I hated so much.

I am wary of mexican food that I like that has cilantro in it because no matter how much I ask for there to not be even the slightest shred or cilantro in the dish, there is always a piece, and the dinner is done if I get a taste of it.

There is a disturbing trend for cilantro to be in dishes that I certainly thought were safe from the horrors of this plant. I was at an asian food place, getting some general tso's and my hot and sour soup came with a suspicious looking cut up green plant garnished on the top of the soup. "Certainly this was parsley," I said to myself. I tasted one leaf....."Check Please".

Another unsuspecting place I found cilantro: I picked up a bag of mixed greens for a salad. The first bite was horrible, I thought the salad had gone back, with all the other salad leafs, I couldn't pick out the cilantro directly. I took a second bite and it was too terrible to finish but the rest of fam didn't complain about it. I read the list of greens....WTF!!!

I hate cilantro so much that if I were God for a day with 2 life changing events I could impose on mankind, I am afraid that world peace and an end to world hunger would have to take back seat to the complete and total destruction of cilantro as a plant that ever existed and the complete annihilation of fire ants. In that order.