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A Story

I eat soap. When I tasted cilantro for the first time it was like chewing soap and I could not imagine why anybody would want to put it in their food. But as long as it wasn't too fresh or too prevalent in my food it was tolerable. Over the years my distaste waned because I was eating a lot of other green things like spinach leaves and kale that weren't especially tasty, but were advertised to be "good for me". This eating trend got so bad that in the past ten years that I actually started growing my own green things, including cilantro, basil, and parsley (which I loathe). It seems that cilantro is good for "cleaning you out" as in removing heavy metals from your body, so that must be the reason for the soapy taste. I've gotten so I kind of like it now and put quite a bit in my big bowl of green things every day. It's been a process, but I can eat cilantro without gagging. I understand why people loathe it.