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A Story

I HATE cilantro. HATE it.

I remember the foodie person, Debbie, in our employee kitchen at MoMA was from The Islands or something and couldn't help putting it in EVERYTHING including the most innocent tuna salad to spaghetti and meatballs! I loved her but HATEED her food.

My brother, quite the chef, started marinating his steaks in it. LOVED it. He (and me) always good cooks but now this shit. I won't eat his food. He thinks I'm being bitchy but seriously. My boyfriend who LOVES clantro often tortures me in the supermarket by shoving it in my face. Funny. NOT.

I have eaten Mexican and LOVED it but never growing up had Cilantro in the guac, the mole or other sauces. Now you can't dodge them. My friends took me for Mexican (which I love) for my birthday and I asked "No cilantro" in my dishes. They couldn't do it as it's all made in batches and I just stared at my dinner after a bite. Ugh. Margarita was nice but what a waste of food.