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A Story

I first encountered cilantro in Singapore in the early 90s. They do a lot of soups there, and I was trying one with some Singaporean friends when I encountered a vile taste I can't even describe! I thought something was on my spoon! Together we searched through and isolated what they called "Chinese Parsley" -- I learned later it was cilantro. Then a few months later I was at a company banquet in Arizona, with 8 people sitting around the table. A salad was brought out (which I discovered had cilantro dressing) and 4 of us gagged while the other 4 thought it was wonderful! Then they brought out a French Onion Soup which, of all things, had cilantro in it! Again, half of us gagged while the others made yummy sounds! THEN they brought out chicken breast and IT also had cilantro as a garnish! Yuck!! Needless to say, I was finished with THAT meal! Now my extended family all knows I hate cilantro but they try to sneak it in, thinking I won't notice -- but they're WRONG!! Even a tiny bit ruins the food for me. The funny thing is they think there's something wrong with me -- but this site validates that there isn't! However, I do have to be careful to not judge that there is something wrong with THEM!! :-)