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A Story

Okay, I LOVE this site!!!! Thank you for making it! I hate, hate, HATE cilantro! It is the MOST VILE tasting substance ON THE PLANET next to liver, and maybe equal to liver! I have to say, I just have NO IDEA how ANYONE could STAND to eat that crap! I never ate it before I became an adult. No one had ever even TRIED to feed it anything to me with that stuff in it, thankfully. But one day I was at my mother's house, and she had that garbage in something and my mom is probably the world's BEST COOK and yet, the moment I bit into that salad, it tasted so BAD I was on the verge of throwing up uncontrollably! I NEVER throw up. I have literally thrown up 5 times my whole life...and I had 8 kids, so it takes a LOT to make me vomit! When my sixth baby was on the way, and I was almost 7 months pregnant, I had that vile virus that starts with a "W" and let me tell you, I held that vomit down ALL DAY before it finally came up and I literally only threw up ONCE. I am THAT averse to vomiting, but let me tell you, ONE TINY BITE of a salad containing small amounts of cilantro was SO VILE and SO NAUSEATING that I NEARLY THREW UP RIGHT THERE! Oh my gosh, that stuff SMELLS SO BAD when it's being cooked, you worry that something has rotted in the garbage and it's being cooked on the stove for dinner! I do hope that this site ENDS THE SUFFERING WORLDWIDE of ALL PEOPLE with ACTUAL taste buds! :D