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A Story

It was the early 1990's and I was living in Los Angeles. A tiny cafe had recently opened down the street from my home, so I ventured in and ordered a very prosaic veggie sandwich - just some roasted vegetables, lettuce, fresh herbs and dijon mustard on a roll. A few bites in I felt... wrongness. Yes, there was a soapy taste, but there was much more to the awfulness; it was as if an alarm had gone off in my brain. I'd had a similar, albeit much milder, reaction a few times when I'd eaten certain Asian dishes, and chalked the unpleasantness up to MSG. I opened the roll and found what I'd assumed was some fancy style of parsley. It wasn't parsley.

I asked the very nice owner about this disgusting herb, and he gave me the information I needed in order to avoid it - forever.