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A Story

It was a beautiful day in Edmonton, AB. I was working at a hotel (I'm sorry I'm trying to fight the tears of the memory) It was my lunch break. Or ordered a delicious bowl of Tomato and pasta soup. (ok deep breath) The sous chef put on a sprinkle of this green leaf, I thought hmmm parsley. I sat down, inserted the spoon with the soup and cilantro in place, it entered my mouth mouth almost divorced me.

My mouth wouldn't talk to me for a week. I went straight to the GM of the hotel and demand this poisonous flower be removed from our kitchen. It fell on deaf ears, she loved cilantro, she was the one that brought it into the hotel. She was a great person but she was the Devil! The Devil I tell you.

Now I my mission in life is to warn others of the effects of cilantro or coriander, what ever your real name is!

Today I stand before you all, my peers, a stronger man. Thank you for reading.

Neil Rhodes