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A Story

I hate coriander so much I almost don't know what to do about it, aside from be very happy I found this site, and to continue experiencing varying degrees of social prejudice whenever I try and take remedial action (ie asking in restaurants for it be removed).

Like many others before me on here, I'm not a fussy eater at all - in fact I pride myself on my hardy stomach and lack of basically anything else (aside from shellfish - allergy) that I would ever ask a waiter to remove from a dish. And like many others, I've experienced that amused/mocking/disdainful look from the non-believers who think I'm just being fussy, or proclaim that coriander doesn't even taste of anything - or even say it's NICE - when I assert my rights in restaurants not to be assualted with this noxious weed.

It's been therapeutic to know I'm not alone in this important struggle. I can't remember my first experience of this digusting weed, just the occassional curry/Mexican/Thai meal inexplicably ruined and leaving me feeling like someone hadn't washed up properly before serving. Metallic/soapy/overpowering - utterly revolting. At one point I truly thought I'd been born with some kind of defective taste buds - now I know that it's everyone else instead of us who has. Very glad to have found this site, and you other brave warriors.