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A Story

Eureka! You have just changed my life. You have solved a puzzle that haunted me for years.

Around the age of 18 I was persuaded by some friends to join them at an Indian restaurant - something of a novelty in those days. They were raving about the curries. Until then the closest I'd had was a Vesta curry, a bland convenience food in a packet.

Someone chose a dish which arrived on a pseudo-ethnic wok. One mouthful sent me reeling. I was instantly and deeply horrified. The taste was so disgusting I was speechless for the rest of the meal and swore never to go near a curry house again.

Years later another friend dragged me to an Indian restaurant, assuring me the food wasn't that bad. He ordered a rogan gohst for me. It was delicious. From that moment I was hooked. Now I can't get enough of a good curry.

Thank goodness I now know what caused that evening of abject misery followed by years of exile. All that time wasted, all that fun sacrificed on the altar of the Herb from Hell...

The relief! The freedom! The triumph! The chains are cast away! Thank you.