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A Story

It's sad, but my story sounds like so many others. Way back in the early '90s, a much anticipated visit to a local Mexican restaurant, an innocent order of nachos with guacamole, sour cream, and of course, salsa. I was so young and naive. Smiling and laughing, chatting with friends. And when the order came, eagerly reaching for those delectable delights, scooping up that delicious green mush, slathering on that creamy white whip, and diving into the tangy red AAARRRGGGHHHH........
Detergent!!! Someone has spilt dishwashing detergent into the salsa!!!! And no matter how much I guzzled my cola, nothing would remove the aftertaste!
To add insult to injury, my friends claimed nothing was wrong! They happily devoured the whole stinking mess, gleefully scraping the bowls and licking their fingers clean in contentment.
I was shattered. Never again the carefree joy of ordering mouthwatering Mexican munchies. And now that the scourge has spread far and wide, from Spanish Sofrito to Chinese Chicken, I can never eat unafraid again.