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A Story

I am just wondering if anyone is in the same boat I am. I have never thought that cilantro smells like soap but if I come within a few feet of it I have an overwhelming smell of body odor hit me.

I first discovered this, I thought it was my friend who I was cooking with and i wanted to vomit the whole time from the smell. The next time I was exposed to it at a restaurant, thought it was me who smelled but I had just taken a shower and I asked the person I was with and he said he didn't smell anything. Then, I was cooking alone, I pulled some cilantro out of the bag and the smell suddenly hit me so I put it back in the bag but my hands smelled from touching it.

From then on, I avoided the stuff in its raw form completely because it smells so bad. I'm usually ok if I am not around it during the preparation and its cooked or mixed with other ingredients like guacamole but if it is in its whole leaf form of a big piece as soon as it is in my mouth I smell the odor.

Anyone else experience this?