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Wait! Is it Coriander or Cilantro?
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A Story

It tastes exactly like stink bugs! I've only seen these in Europe, not the U.S., but they taste _exactly_ like these smelled when crushed.

Wikipedia quote : "The name coriander derives from Latin coriandrum, which was first noted by Pliny. The Latin word derives in turn from Greek corys, a bedbug, plus -ander, 'resembling', and refers to the supposed similarity of the scent of the crushed leaves to the distinctive odour of bedbugs (largely forgotten in this age of insecticides)."

I have never smelled nor seen a bedbug, but I can only guess that bed bugs and these European stink bugs (punaise in French) smell the same.

It is seriously exactly the same sensation I get when I eat cilantro/coriander leaf and when I smell these crushed bugs. Anyone else smelled these bugs and get the same sensation from cilantro?