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A Story

I was with a software firm doing an installation at a secure site in California. It was in the remote desert and we were not allowed on or off the site during the day, so we had to bring our lunch and snacks with us. I had a jar of grocery store salsa that was so good I couldn't stop eating it, and one of our clients noticed how much I love salsa. So, he went home that night and had his wife make a big batch of home-made salsa just for me.

The next day he brought it in and I tasted it, and almost threw up! It had cilantro in it, and not just a little bit. It was infested with it! So, that bucket of salsa that our client made especially for me sat there and never got touched --- by me. My boss loved it!

On our way back to the hotel I had to ride with the window open because the cilantro on his breath made me sick to my stomach. To this day he kids me about "being rude" to the guy who made the salsa "just for me" that I never ate.