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A Story

The first time I tried cilantro was in some enchiladas.
When I took the first bite I felt like everything stopped and I felt like throwing up, but I spit it out. I didn't know it was cilantro until I shared a burrito bowl with my friend. We were picking what to go inside and she said lettuce not knowing it was cilantro, but the man serving it Said it was cilantro. Once I tried it I recognized the taste of it from when I ate the enchiladas. After that I refused to eat it again. When I smell cilantro I feel like throwing up. It makes me feel so sick to my stomach. I can't stand it when people say they like cilantro and that it has a fresh taste. It is the nastiest thing on earth. I'd rather die than think about cilantro. I feel like throwing up as I type this. Anyways, the point is that cilantro is disgusting.