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A Story

I first encountered cilantro in the mid 90s, but didn't know what it was, I just knew there was this vile noxious weed that I once ate and thought it was trying to kill me. Then a couple years later I picked up a packet of what I thought were parsley seeds and planted them in a pot. Oh BOY was I wrong! When they started to sport, I got one whiff of it and I ripped it out, tossed the dirt and everything. I looked at the packet and saw the word "cilantro" (I guess I had just looked at the picture) and it was burned into my brain.

I am truly disgusted by this current invasion of cilantro into places it does not belong, causing me to have ask, at pretty much every restaurant - does it have cilantro? And then I hope and pray they didn't lie to me. All this talk of legalizing marijuana is misplaced, we should be passing legislation to outlaw cilantro!!!