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A Story

I usually make salad 3 times per week as my lunch/supper and use parsley. The bundle was labelled cilantro, but I dismissed it because it looked like parsley which always adds great flavour to my salad.

I sat down with my big bowl of mixed vegetables and decided to take a taste of the cilantro by itself because I had never tasted it before. I was immediately horrified. It tasted like what I imagine the stink bug will taste like. Now I have to throw away the whole bowl or try to pick out the leaves and stems bit by bit, but I can't take the chance that some will remain and I will experience this horror again.

It immediately inspired me to search the internet to see if anyone else felt the same and your site came up. I wish I had seen it before. There most be something we can do collectively to rid the earth of this "herb". Maybe we can, collectively, raise funds into research for some disease which can wipe out this plant without causing harm to others.

Please let me know. I am willing to help.