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A Story

I grew up in different types of households and learning different cuisines. My mother and her family are from the south and I spent many years living in Mississippi, learning how to make southern comfort food. My half-sister is half cuban and I spent many of my teenage years eating and learning about traditional cuban food. And my father was from California so I learned how to make good seafood, baked goods, etc.
In my years eating my sisters grandmothers cooking, I must have come across cilantro a half dozen times before I really tasted it. It was one day where we were eating cuban style burritos that I finally noticed the soapy, greeny taste. I pulled out the green herbs and asked my sister what it was. She told me it was cilantro. I decided from that moment on that I'd banish the dammed herb from my diet.
Since then I've openly stated to restaurants that I don't like cilantro and have requested they please leave it out of my food. Some have listened, but most have ignored my requests and put it into my food anyway. I briefly considered telling them that I'm allergic so as to give it more importance, but I decided not to as that would be wrong of me.