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A Story

I live in Korea, also I'm Korean. I had traveled to taiwan during summer vacation, two years ago. After I got the taipei airport, I was so looking forward to exploring taiwanese food! Me and my sister unpacked back packs and started our itinerary. As time went by (maybe) It was time to eat something so we visited famous noodle restaurant located in near the simen station, Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle. I knew that there was some cilantro in noodle but I thought It's not the traveler's attitude not to accept all the things as it is. So I didn't tell 'buyao shangchai' and ate it. When I had a chopstick of noodle, I didn't feel good. Stupidly I finished it because there was no place to drop the waste of noodle. That night I kept vomitting over and over again in bathroom in my lodgings.
Through 3 days and 4nights we can't enjoy the trip. I vomited in museum's restroom also we missed the chance to explore the night market(deep regret).
I can summarize this trip, cilantro, vomiting... After the trip people asked me 'how was your trip? have you eaten tasty food? how was the night market?' . I had no words to say about these things because of cilantro. Someday I will go to taiwan again and say 'buyao shangchai(except the cilantro)'. When I remind the travel to taipei, I feel deep regret. Everybody! don't you dare say yes cilantro.
- My English writing isn't perfect but I wanted to share my story:) I hope my feeling can be delievered well to reader!