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A Story

I actually sought out cilantro after reading in a health book that it pulls heavy metals out of your body. How wonderful, I thought, you can reclaim your health with a simple herb. So I bought some, dried, as fresh wasn't available then. I'd never heard of it before and put a good tablespoonful in my soup. As I ate the soup, it took a while for it to permeate my taste buds, perhaps because it was a dried version. Then the taste exploded in my mouth and I swear I double over before running to the sink and letting the tap run directly into my mouth. Despite that, I tasted that foul, pungent, disgusting taste for days afterward. Then suddenly, it seemed like it was everywhere and it has stopped me cold a few times while eating what should have been a lovely meal. It didn't help that all my friends loved it, so I tried to hide my aversion to it. I'm so happy to know there are many more like me.