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A Story

I love to garden organically, and make my own organic salsa. A co-worker was raving about my salsa to another co-worker, who was raised in AZ with Hispanic heritage. He said he'd like to give it a try and see if it was as good as she said, as his grandma (in his opinion) made the best salsa he'd ever tasted. I brought him a jar and he said it was very good, but not "true" salsa because he could tell that their was no cilantro in it.
So, next year, I planted cilantro to use in that year's batch to make it more "authentic." When thinning/weeding the seedlings, I lifted my fingers to my nose to smell the cilantro, and immediately and violently threw up in the garden.
I deduced that I was allergic to it, and roto-tilled it under. Now that I know what it smells like, I CANNOT stand it!
Nice to know that others share my disgust for this noxious herb!