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A Story

I first noticed that Cilantro was not my friend about 9 years ago. I am now almost 50. If I eat Cilantro I get violently ill. It will not digest and stays in my stomach burning until I force myself to throw it up. Sticking my fingers down my throat until it get the poison out of my system is the only solution. I love tomatillo and regular hot sauce! If it has cilantro in it I can taste it immediately and I have to abandon the food or salsa. I made the mistake of eating cilantro last night. The Mexican food place we haunt usually does not put cilantro in the green sauce. I had a burrito last night with a good amount of green sauce. The moment I took a bite I tasted cilantro. I was so famished I woofed it down. During the last bite I thought to myself I am going to pay for this. Boy did I. I woke up at 1:30 am with my stomach on fire. I threw up straight stomach acid. My husband doesn't like Cilantro either. We are both of Scottish decent. I wonder if it is a Gene thing? All I know is Cilantro is no a Friend of mine!