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A Story

When I was 12 years old my sister took me to a Mexican restaurant for a late dinner. When it was time to order I orders some fajitas. The restaurant had a side place to put on whatever toppings you'd like so I piled my fajitas high with this green little herb I thought looked good. After one bite I felt nauseous. It was one of the most horrible and offensive things I had ever tasted! My sister told me I got it so I had to eat it because she thought I was just being picky. I ate it while gagging (thanks sis) and I barely finished one. It tasted like soap and meat had an awful baby. Here is the thing that got me though about an hour after my stomach started swelling and it hurt so much I was in tears. I couldn't even digest the devil herb! We then get home to tell my mom about it to find out she has the same reaction to cilantro! Does anyone else have pain when they eat this? And why does it taste like soap its so bitter and awful I don't understand why some people like it. I have some family members go nuts over it. ��