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A Story

20 years ago I first tasted Coriander (Cilantro) used by my wife to season fish. I was absolutely shocked, it did not taste anything like what food should taste like, it was a strong combination of bitter and salty, but a really overwhelming taste. Of course, I have been chastised ever since as some sort of social misfit who does not appreciate a herb which some many other people say they love.

Well I reckon they just can't taste it, maybe Cilantro has something like PTC in it, and I quote a human hereditary exercise from another web site "Place a piece of PTC (phenylthiocarbamide) paper on your tongue. If the paper has a bitter taste, you are a "taster" and would have the dominant allele (T). If the paper is bland, you are a non-taster and are homozygous recessive (tt) for this trait." I actually did this taste test at a school open day and I am a taster and I reckon that PTC tastes like Cilantro.

Well anyway, thats my bet on the explanation and it seems to be that the strange ones are those that embrace this noxious herb as food. Let the truth be told.